Wooden Modular Kitchen

Wood has always been widely used in homes across the world. It is the most popular, natural material to design furniture, for flooring and is even commonly used in kitchens. 

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Wooden Modular Kitchen Designs

Despite the vast number of materials now available when it comes to contemporary kitchen designs, wood continues to retain its popularity. It brings warmth and an inviting ambience to a space. In India, kitchens are considered to be the heart of a home; therefore, the role that wood can play to enhance that sense of warmth is even more significant. It has an element of timelessness to it that ensures kitchen designs stay relevant over the long term. Even with the advent and popularity of modular kitchens, wood as a material to use has not lost its appeal. There are a variety of wooden modular kitchen designs for homeowners to choose from if they want the ease and efficiency of modular kitchens and the classic aesthetic of wood in their spaces. 


Different Types of Wooden Modular Kitchen Designs


There are a variety of wooden modular kitchen designs that homeowners can choose from based on their requirements. This includes the size of the space allocated for the kitchen in their homes, the overall style of the house, their taste, as well as practical needs such as storage. The options and types also extend to the kind of wood that is preferred. The classic choice would be a teak wood modular kitchen, but if hardwood seems high maintenance, there is also the option of a modular kitchen with a wooden finish.  Yet another choice is opting for flooring in this material, so it is possible to have a modular kitchen with wooden flooring to get in the warmth. There are also options of modular kitchens with a wooden colour range.

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Modern Wooden Modular Kitchen

A wooden modular kitchen can inherently be considered modern from the material use least. The use of wood in furniture is a common aspect of the modern style. When the wooden modular kitchen design combines this material with clean straight lines and a simple design for the cabinets, etc, it is a perfect illustration of a modern wooden modular kitchen. Neutral colours and a clean uncluttered look are other characteristics of this modular kitchen design. Modular kitchen wooden colour schemes are as wide ranging as the different colours in which wood is available.


L-Shaped Wooden Modular Kitchen

One of the most popular layouts for apartment kitchens is the L-shaped format. Here, the kitchen is set across two walls that are perpendicular to each other. The L-shaped wooden modular kitchen would therefore have two counters adjoining each other to form a 90-degree angle. This kind of wooden modular kitchen design will have two walls for cabinet space as well as space below the counters for more storage. This layout is preferred because it offers the optimum distance between the stove, the refrigerator and the sink, which is known as the golden triangle.


U-Shaped Wooden Modular Kitchen

This kind of layout is rather expansive and is therefore ideally suited for larger homes. The U-shaped wooden modular kitchen as the name suggests occupies three walls and forms the letter ‘U’. Three walls mean more space for storage cabinets as well as counters. Given that it is a large space, a U-shaped wooden modular kitchen would work well as the wood will add an element of cosiness and warmth to the space.


Gloss-Finished Wooden Modular Kitchens

Many reasons make a glossy-finished wooden modular kitchen a good idea. Glossy surfaces, especially in compact kitchens, make the space look bigger because they reflect the light. They are also very easy to clean and maintain. A glossy finish to the wooden modular kitchen will add style and elegance to the space and make it appear inviting. It is also a good way to keep the wood protected. A modular kitchen with a wooden finish that is glossy is a good way to elevate the look of the space.


Textured Wooden Modular Finish

There are different textures to choose from for the wooden modular kitchen. It could be a glossy finish as explained above, which will add style to the space while being easy to maintain. Another type of texture is matte, which is quite popular. It Is also an affordable option. In the case of wooden modular kitchen design, there is also the option of retaining the texture of the natural wood to give it a more rustic, well-worn look. However, this depends on the options available while shopping for modular kitchens, as this calls for a more customised look.


Benefits of a Wooden Modular Kitchen


  • The biggest advantage of opting for a wooden modular kitchen design is the timeless appeal of the material. It continues to be relevant and transcends trends when it comes to the different materials and surfaces for modular kitchen design.
  • In terms of visual appeal, a wooden modular kitchen makes the space look warm and welcoming.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain a wooden modular kitchen so the problem of spills and stains is easily handled. 
  • A wooden modular kitchen means that there is a variety of options available in terms of the wood that can be used, from the lighter-coloured one to darker wood if space is bigger.
  • Wood also works well with almost every kind of colour scheme so it will fit in seamlessly with the overall style of the house and the colour of the walls in the kitchen. 


Tips to Maintain a Wooden Modular Kitchen


  • First and foremost, it is important to oil all the wooden surfaces in the wooden modular kitchen to waterproof it and increase its longevity.
  • Water leakages in the kitchen should be regularly checked and dealt with.
  • The surfaces, particularly the area around the sink, should be kept dry even if the wooden surfaces have been oiled and varnished; this is to prevent the wood from getting spoilt.
  • Any spills and stains should be dealt with immediately to prevent damage to the wood.
  • It is advisable to wipe down all wooden surfaces with a damp and not a wet cloth with regular soap.

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