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Small homes, and as a result, compact living rooms, are a reality in large urban cities today. While achieving a suitable aesthetic for a small living room interior may seem challenging, with the right kind of choices of colour, materials, finishes and furniture, a small space can be transformed into a simple yet elegant, even luxurious interior.

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Small Living Room with Bold Couch

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Interior Design for the Small Living Room

Small modern living rooms are now a common and expected feature of homes in big cities where space is limited. However, size should not be an obstacle in ensuring that the compact living room is not elegant and well designed. As one of the public spaces in a house, the living room becomes the centre of attention and when one is dealing with a small space, it becomes even more important to ensure that the design and decor are done with the idea of making the room look bigger and more comfortable. The advantage of small spaces is that it is easier to make them cosy and welcoming. With the right design and a restrained hand, the small living room interior can also be elegant. The furniture, colour scheme and accessories, therefore, play an integral role in achieving the best-suited interior for a small drawing room.

Essentials of a Small Drawing Room Design

●    Simplicity is important in a small living room space to give it a clean and clutter-free appearance.
●    It is a good idea to avoid using any kind of bulky furniture pieces or decor accessories around the living room and keep the space free-flowing.
●    Neutral or pale shades help enhance the clean, uncrowded look of a small living room and serve to open up the space.
●    Combine smaller-sized decorative lights with recessed lighting in the ceiling. A flat and clean ceiling also helps enhance the space in a small
       room. Consider wall lights instead of table or floor lamps that take up too much space.
●    Creating a harmonious look, where colours work well together and the furniture and other elements are properly arranged will lend elegance
       to the small living room interior.
●    Use mirrors and reflective surfaces to give the illusion of space & make your small living room look spacious, and long curtains are a good idea as well. They give a sense of height.

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Furniture and Colour in a Small Living Room Interior Design

●    As far as possible, choose furniture pieces for small living room that are visually light, like chairs and sofas with thin legs for example. Bulky
      furniture will overwhelm a compact space.
●    Select the furniture pieces wisely, preferably opting for multifunctional pieces to avoid putting in too much. Open shelving units that can be
      attached to walls for example are great for storage as well as a display spot for decor accessories.
●    If rugs are to be incorporated, then choose larger ones instead of smaller ones. Contrary to popular belief, a large rug under the furniture
      helps give structure to a room, which adds to the clean and simple design aesthetic.
●    Pale and neutral shades are the best way to ensure a small living room interior doesn’t look too dark. Off-whites, greys or pastels for soft
      furnishings and curtains are ideal.
●    Ensuring that the colours work together is also important. A balanced and harmonious palette will help make the space look seamless and
      hence larger than it is. Check out these colour combinations for your living room.

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Small Hall Interior Design FAQs

What is a small drawing room design?

An interior design that is ideally suited for a compact space and maximizes the room available is the most important function of the right approach to small drawing room design. The best way to achieve this is with a combination of the right furniture pieces, a colour palette that works well in small spaces, de-cluttering and keeping things simple and elegant.

How do I furnish a small living area? OR How do you accommodate a small living room design?

Furniture plays a significant role in enhancing a small indian style living room design. Choose pieces that aren’t too bulky or made of dark wood. Also make sure to not pick too many pieces and crowd the living room. Soft furnishings in lighter shades are a good way to open up the space. Bright colours used as accents work well in enhancing the design without making the space seem small. Using walls to mount the TV and media unit, for light fixtures and hanging shelving units will also free up the space and make it seem larger. It helps if the small living room also receives ample natural light.

How do you make a small living room look bigger?

The easiest way to do this is by reflective surfaces. Counters or consoles, for example, that have a glossy finish are a good idea. Glass or acrylic coffee tables or any other smaller furniture pieces in these materials will also help create the illusion of space. Adding mirrors where possible is another way to make compact rooms look bigger than they are. Colour coordination helps lend seamlessness to the space, which also helps. Neutral tones and muted hues are the preferred option in this regard, and upholstery with smaller prints also serve the purpose. Long curtains that elongate the line of sight, and clean ceilings with recessed lighting are some other ways to create the illusion of space. 

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