Small Bedroom Interior Design

A small bedroom is a common feature for a majority of the apartments in large cities. The compact size of a small bedroom can still offer great opportunities when it comes to creating an elegant interior that is comfortable and inviting. 

Small Bedroom with Indoor Plants

Small Bedroom with Floral Prints

Small Bedroom with Quirky Patterns

Exploring Small Bedroom Interior Design

The interior decoration of a small bedroom may seem like quite a challenge. There is less space to work with and the colours, materials and furniture have to be carefully chosen. It is important to select décor items and accessories that can comfortably fit and not clutter up the small bedroom. The right pieces and the perfect combination of elements that complement each other go a long way in optimizing the potential of the bedroom interior for small rooms.

It is important, however, to make good use of the space available without adding in too many embellishments. In this context, a modern small bedroom interior design offers a lot of décor ideas.

Tips for the Interior Decoration of Small Bedrooms

●    A simple layout, which is clean and uncluttered, is key to creating a comfortable yet cosy small bedroom interior design.
●    It is advisable to keep the bed in the centre of the room rather than along a wall; this frees up the wall space to add in shelving or furniture.
●    A small bedroom should receive a generous amount of natural light.
●    Any kind of decorative items and accessories should be kept to a minimum to avoid overcrowding.
●    A colour palette should be chosen wisely so that the small bedroom looks airy and spacious. If homeowners are inclined to experiment with
      darker tones, it is a good idea to stick to warmer hues, and do so if it is balanced by adequate natural light.
●    Using mirrors is a great way to open up the space.
●    Hanging the curtains right from the ceiling to the floor is a good way to further add to the illusion of space.
●    Multifunctional furniture that doubles up as storage is a useful idea to maximize storage and still have enough floor space. Collapsible beds in
      children’s rooms particularly, or in studio apartments, is a good option.
●    Incorporating some plants into the décor will liven up the space.

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Designing the Perfect Small Bedroom

Balance, harmony, clean lines and light colours are the key ingredients that go into enhancing the interior design of a small bedroom. Choosing appropriate furniture in complementary materials goes a long way in achieving just the right look for the small bedroom. Arranging the different pieces of furniture harmoniously will free up floor space and make navigation easier, further adding to the clean and comfortable look of the small bedroom. Using a diverse combination of lights—apart from ensuring a good amount of daylight—is a great way to create a décor-enhancing mood. Well-placed objects and accents can make the space distinct and personal.

1.    Based on Space
While individual styles and tastes should be the guiding principles for the design, simple small bedroom interior design that has a modern aesthetic works well in compact rooms. As mentioned before, the size of a bedroom will not be a hindrance in creating a private zone that is as aesthetic as it is comfortable and cosy. The best way to ensure this is to consider décor options that best utilize available space, such as multifunctional furniture pieces.

2.    Based on Budget
The budget allocated for the small bedroom interior design will influence the choice of materials, colours and other elements that go into making a comfortable small master bedroom. In such a scenario, it is a good idea to invest in pieces and things that will help optimize the space. The bed, for example, should be a priority, as should a good-quality mattress. Multifunctional furniture, the use of mirrors to create the illusion of space and limiting other accessories or furnishings (like the number of pillows) is a good idea.

3.    Based on Materials
Choosing the right materials, which work well with each other, leads to a balanced and clean aesthetic. This, in turn, helps add to the elegance of the small bedroom interior design. All the pieces of furniture should be of the same material palette so that they complement each other. The same thought should guide the fabric selection for the different kinds of soft furnishings. It serves to avoid a discordant, chaotic and confused look to the room.

4.    Based on Colour
A small bedroom interior design would work best if the colour scheme that is finalized creates a soothing and calm sanctuary. Bright and vibrant shades can be incorporated in smaller formats, such as pillow covers, curtains or rugs. Experimenting with darker colours is a good idea only if the small modern bedroom receives enough natural light to offset the moody vibe. In darker tones, charcoal grey, olive green or navy blue would be the preferred alternatives.

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Small Bedroom Interior Design FAQs

How do you design a small bedroom? (OR How do you use space in a small bedroom?)

The most important part about designing a small bedroom is not to overdo the furniture and keep it clean and clutter-free. It is key to making the space seem less crowded. Maintain a simple layout and use lighter colours on the walls so that it does not overwhelm the space. Another thing to keep in mind is ensuring that the room gets ample natural light. (Enough daylight will allow you the option of experimenting with darker shades too.) Use furniture pieces sparingly and choose multifunctional ones, like a wardrobe with a full-length mirror or a nightstand with drawers. Add in some house plants to make the place lively.

How can I make the most of a small bedroom?

There are different ways in which you can maximize the small bedroom interior design and ensure your space doesn’t look cluttered. Using mirrors and glossy, reflective surfaces are great ways to make the small bedroom seem bigger and airier. Use available walls space to put up open shelving units where you can keep your books, photographs, and other souvenirs. A bed that doubles up as storage is a great way to keep additional blankets, pillow covers, bed sheets, etc. Light colours, floor-to-ceiling curtain lengths and recessed lighting in the ceiling are other ways to maximize space in a small bedroom.

Where should the bed be placed in a small bedroom interior?

Make sure your bed is not against the wall but in the centre of the room. Pushing it against a wall means that the wall which could have been used for shelving or wall lights is used up. A bed in the middle of a room also allows easier movement.

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