Semi Modular Kitchen 

As the name suggests, a semi modular kitchen combines elements of a modular kitchen and a carpenter-built space.

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Semi Modular Kitchen Design

A semi modular kitchen design integrates some aspects of a modular kitchen in a pre-existing kitchen space. A modular kitchen is factory-made where independent units are assembled on site. A carpenter-made kitchen, on the other hand, is one that a carpenter builds from scratch and it is all done onsite. A semi modular kitchen design lies midway between these two formats. In such a space, elements like the layout, surfaces for counters, the sink and stove and other civil works are all done. The modular cabinets and other moveable elements are made to fit the existing design and structure.  


Benefits of a Semi Modular Kitchen


  •  One of the biggest advantages is the semi modular kitchen cost. Such designs are very budget-friendly. Since some of the structural elements are already built, the additional cost comes from picking out cabinets and storage spaces.
  • Material usage is reduced when it comes to the semi modular kitchen, as the module requirements are fewer; this also helps lower the semi modular kitchen cost.
  • This kind of kitchen also allows for customisation of the modules, in terms of size, breadth and height, as well as colour. They need to blend seamlessly with the existing elements and hence a predetermined module would probably not work as well.
  • If the layout of the kitchen does not fit the standard ones, such as L-shaped, U-shaped, parallel or straight, then a semi modular kitchen is a better alternative to help optimise available space. 

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How to Choose the Perfect Semi Modular Kitchen

Often, new homes already have all the civil and structural work done for the kitchen space. This often includes giving counters, placing the kitchen sink and stove as the plumbing and electrical work dictates, and picking out surfaces. In such cases, it may not be possible to move or change what’s already done. Hence, when it comes to picking the other elements to complete the kitchen, such as the cabinets, moveable furniture and appliances, homeonwers have no choice but to work within the pre-existing format already provided to create a seamless kitchen design. Semi modular kitchen cost is also determined by the factors mentioned below. 


Based on Space

In a semi modular kitchen, the space is largely defined in terms of the layout. So, if the current carpenter-made kitchen has an L-shaped layout, the modular elements must fit within that L-shaped framework. The size, shape and height of the new modules that are integrated into the kitchen must be made to fit within the available spaces. For example, the number and height for under-the-counter cabinets will be defined by the space under the counter that has been created for them. Conversely, some pre-existing kitchens may have enough room to accommodate storage units like a tall unit.


Based on Budget

A major benefit of a semi modular kitchen design is that the number of modules and materials to pick are fewer than for a modular kitchen. So, a semi modular kitchen price will be more reasonable than that of a modular kitchen. However, it is always a good idea to plan the budget before deciding on the number of modules and the material to work with to figure out the semi modular kitchen price.


Based on Materials

The materials for the modular units of the semi modular kitchen should complement the existing counter surfaces. Kitchens are areas of rough use so durability and longevity, as well as ease of cleaning, should also be carefully considered when it comes to kitchen material choices. Materials also influence a semi modular kitchen price. If the goal is a low cost semi modular kitchen design, then the materials appropriate to such a budget are also available.  


Based on Colour

Just like the material, the colour is dictated by the colour scheme used in the pre-existing kitchen design. The kitchen paint for the walls, the countertop colours and other aspects play a big role in finalising the colour of the modular units that will be picked. Additionally, the available space is also a factor. If it is a small semi modular kitchen space, then neutral colours are preferred.


Based on Kitchen Appliances

The size and number of your kitchen appliances are also important considerations when it comes to figuring out the best-suited semi modular kitchen design. The appliances, both big and small, and the accompanying accessories will dictate the number of modules to be added to the pre-existing design in a way that is seamless and does not clutter the space or look haphazard. Planning and organisation of the counters and cabinets, and any additional requirement will depend on the appliances that are needed. A small semi modular kitchen will proportionately fit lesser large appliances.


FAQs about Semi Modular Kitchen Design

1. What is a semi modular kitchen design?

A format that combines both a carpenter-made kitchen and modular units is known as a semi modular kitchen. In such a kitchen, you already have a pre-existing space where the civil work has been done and the layout is defined. Sometimes, even the counters are made. Finding and fitting cabinets and other modular elements is what makes this a go-between. Depending on the space you have, you can opt for large or small semi modular kitchens.

2. What are the advantages of a semi modular kitchen?

The biggest and most notable advantage is that these kinds of kitchens are cost-efficient. Since part of the structure already exists, there is a limit to the number of modules that you will be able to add to the space. A semi modular kitchen design with price points that are by default friendly on your pocket is a great option if you are on a budget. Be sure to check out the semi modular kitchen cost that works best for you.

3. How do you build a semi modular kitchen?

The space and the layout of the already-existing structure play a key role in deciding the additional modular units you need. Furthermore, it is important to find ones that adhere to the layout. So modular units suitable for a U-shaped kitchen may not work if you have an L shape for the semi modular kitchen layout. The colour and materials you pick for the units should complement what is already there and the units you pick will also depend on the appliances you plan to use. Some careful planning is necessary before buying and fixing modules. Semi modular kitchen price is another factor to consider especially if you have a fixed budget.

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