Rustic Living Room

A welcoming vibe expressed through natural materials, earthy tones, warm light and lots of wood are the hallmarks of a modern rustic living room. 

Rustic Country Style Living Room

Modern Rustic Living Room

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

Rustic Contemporary Living Room

Rustic Living Room Design

This style is inspired by country homes and log cabins that showcase design that is as close to the organic as possible. Incorporating some elements of the rustic style in modern city homes is a good way to create an inviting space. Rustic living room design involves using wood generously. It is characterised by an earthy colour scheme or what are called fall colours. There is a preference for natural materials, including fabrics for soft furnishings, slightly distressed-looking furniture and a variety of textures. Generous daylight and spaces that offer a connection with the outdoors are key to this look.


Essentials for a Rustic Living Room


  •  The rustic living room design sees liberal use of wood, in the furniture as well as the flooring.  
  • It has an open-plan layout to create a seamless look.
  • Rustic-style furniture is comfortable and has a lived-in look to it.
  • Organic materials, from flooring to fabrics, are the go-to choice.
  • Earthy shades or fall colours, including browns, rust oranges, mustard yellows, deep reds and maroons, are common. However, they should be used sparingly if the living room is compact.
  • The rustic style creates connections with the outdoors, so adding indoor plants is a common rustic living room decor tool.
  • The rustic living room needs to receive abundant natural light; any artificial light should be warm rather than white.
  • Using a variety of textures is also important in a rustic living room design.

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All about Rustic Interior Design Living Room Furniture and Colours


  • Comfort is key, so the furniture needs to evoke a sense of cosiness.
  • The upholstery and fabrics should ideally be of a natural material; leather, too, is a good idea and will look particularly good if the flooring is wood.
  • Wooden furniture is a failsafe choice, so a centre table in distressed wood is a great piece to add for a rustic look living room. 
  • Rustic-style furniture should be clean-lined and simple rather than heavily ornamented; the idea is to focus more on the material and less on the decoration.
  • The colour scheme tends towards fall colours—greens, browns, yellows, reds, etc.
  • These shades combine well with neutral colours such as whites, creams and beiges in a rustic interior design for a living room.


Rustic Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces


  • While a clutter-free look is recommended for small living rooms, homeowners can still incorporate warmth by adopting rustic-style living room design elements for the space.
  • In a compact living room, lighter-coloured wood can be used to not make the space seem small or crowded.
  • Clean-lined and simple rustic-style furniture works well for small spaces since such pieces are visually light.
  • The small living room should receive ample natural light and follow an open plan.
  • Adding a wooden-framed mirror to the living room achieves two objectives—the reflective surface adds to the spaciousness and the wood frame helps incorporate a rustic element into the space.
  • Using earthy colours in accents and in combination with warm whites and creams will also help make the space look airier.
  • Adding indoor plants, on open shelves if there isn’t enough floor space, is a good rustic living room idea for small spaces.
  • For that raw, unfinished look, using exposed red brick to create an accent wall for rustic wall décor idea for living room and placing indoor plants on it will also add more texture to the space.


The Rustic Living Room Based on Style


  • The rustic look is versatile enough that it can be combined with other design styles.
  • It is possible to get a rustic contemporary living room as well as a rustic industrial or modern rustic living room look as well.
  • There is inevitably overlap in some form or the other when it comes to combining the rustic style with any other style, so it is easily achieved as long as there is a balance between both styles.


The Rustic Industrial Living Room 

Both these styles find their inspiration in different worlds—the rustic style is inspired by country living while the industrial style takes its cues from urban warehouses and factories. However, there are certain complementary elements to both, such as the use of raw and exposed materials, natural materials, etc. A rustic grey and brown living room, for instance, would derive its look by incorporating some industrial elements into the space—the grey colour through exposed concrete, metallic accents and wood.


The Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 

The idea of a farmhouse rustic-style living room is synonymous with the rustic look. Creating a lived-in aesthetic with the use of distressed wood, natural fabrics and materials like raw stone or exposed brick are integral to the rustic style and hallmarks of the farmhouse aesthetic too. Using such elements, along with earthy shades, incorporating greenery and using warm lighting will create a rustic farmhouse-style living room. Lots of natural light is preferred.


The Rustic Contemporary Living Room 

The contemporary design aesthetic refers to the interior design style that is trending in the here and now. The current clean, clutter-free minimal look is a great canvas for the rustic style. The simple aesthetic of a contemporary living room is given a layer of warmth when rustic elements are integrated into the space. Warm wood tones, earthy colours as accents, organic materials all combine well with a neutral palette, metallic and glass decor elements and the clean lines of the furniture that characterise contemporary design today.


FAQs about Rustic Interior Design for the Living Room

1. What is the modern rustic living room style?

Modern design, which refers to the mid-century modern period, is all about a fuss-free look, clean-lined and functional furniture, neutral colours, organic materials and ample natural light. Most of these elements work with the rustic look living room, which is about creating a cosy, informal aesthetic using materials in their natural forms and earthy tones. A modern rustic living room, therefore, is about using wood, exposed materials like brick or stone, minimal patterns and earthy tones. Add in some greenery with rustic sage green for living room and you get the look.

2. How do you make a rustic living room?

The rustic living room is one that is casual, cosy and warm, so choose comfortable furniture pieces, preferably in wood. Distressed, slightly worn wood will enhance the rustic look. If you have a small space, pick lighter-coloured wood and simple furniture pieces. Ensure that your room receives ample natural light and use earthy tones. Rustic wall decor ideas for living rooms include using raw or unfinished materials as an accent, like exposed brick or stone. A vertical green wall, with indoor plants on open shelves, is also a good rustic living room idea.

3. What is a rustic Scandinavian living room?

While rustic design includes earthy and warm colours, and the Scandinavian style is about the cooler shades, like whites, blues, light greens, both styles are about creating a space of warmth and comfort. For this rustic Scandinavian living room look, liberally use wood in your living room and go for a clutter-free look. Combine earthy shades with a neutral palette. Go for organic materials, make sure your space receives abundant natural light and add a lot of indoor plants. Use smaller decorative accessories and go easy on the prints and patterns.

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