Industrial Living Room

An interior design style is inspired by the old warehouses and factories that dominated urbanised western cities. The look uses materials in their natural form and sticks to a sober colour palette. 

Modern Industrial Living Room

Rustic Industrial Living Room

Chic Industrial Living Room

Minimal Industrial Living Room

Industrial Living Room

An open layout, materials with a raw, unfinished look, functional furniture and sober colours are the major elements of the industrial design aesthetic. This style originated in the USA and UK in the 1970s, when old warehouses and factories were being converted into lofts and apartments. A dominant feature of an industrial style living room is using materials in their raw, organic forms, like exposed concrete. The industrial look living room can also be expressed through the colours used and an uninterrupted open layout. The lines are clean, symmetric and fuss-free. Nowadays, many homes have a cosy industrial living room vibe.

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The Essentials of an Industrial Living Room


  • The industrial style living room uses organic materials in their raw, unfinished forms, including exposed brick, exposed concrete and natural stone.
  • This idea of the unfinished look also extends to incorporating exposed ductwork and pipes—in materials like iron etc—into the space.
  • Wood, especially well-worn and weathered, is common in this aesthetic and used as wooden planks for the flooring or ceiling.
  • An open layout and high ceilings are characteristics of the industrial style living room.
  • A neutral colour palette that tends towards warmer whites, beiges etc and the different shades of grey are a feature in this style.
  • Abundant daylight, tall windows and muted lighting are also part of industrial living room design ideas.
  • This design style is all about keeping things simple and uncluttered.  

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Industrial Living Room Ideas for Furniture and Colours


  • Clean lines and a simple structure without any ornamentation are important aspects of living room furniture.
  • The materials used are typically wood, metal and even iron; bookshelves made of exposed galvanised iron pipes, for instance, are often added into an industrial style living room.
  • Vintage pieces are also closely associated with the industrial aesthetic, so any kind of vintage or antique, in metal or wood, works in an industrial living room design.
  • Colours used in a modern industrial living room tend to be muted, even monochromatic.
  • Blacks, whites and shades of grey are commonly used.
  • Bright living room colours only come through in accents in the soft furnishings and fabrics and these are in warmer, earthy shades.


Small Industrial Living Room Ideas


  • This design style is suited for small living spaces because of the fuss-free and uncluttered look it advocates.
  • In compact spaces, the open layout of the industrial style living room will be a perfect solution to make the small living room look bigger.
  • A monochromatic colour scheme that sticks to the lighter spectrum of whites and beiges is a good idea in a small industrial living room.
  • It is also important to ensure that the small industrial living room receives ample natural light.
  • In terms of furniture, it is a good idea to choose visually light pieces, preferably made of lighter-coloured wood, or even slim iron or metal frames.
  • Exposed materials, like brick or concrete, can be used sparingly, as an accent wall so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space. 
  • Warmth to create a cosy industrial living room can be expressed through the colours of the soft furnishings, cushions, curtains, etc.


The Industrial Living Room Based on Style


  • Since the industrial living room design ideas are all about maintaining a simple, crisp and clutter-free design aesthetic, it is easy to combine this with other styles for a unique industrial decor in living rooms.
  • Additionally, there is some form of overlap between interior design styles; no one style is rigid and unable to blend well with another.
  • It is, however, important to find the elements from different design styles that work well together.


The Modern Industrial Living Room

The modern aesthetic, which refers to the mid-century modern style of the 1950s and 1960s, has many similarities with the industrial interior design that came just after it. Both have a clutter-free look, use materials in their natural forms, opt for furniture with clean lines, neutral colours and ample natural light, among other things. The main difference is that the industrial look living room lays greater emphasis on the raw, unfinished aspect. Therefore, a perfect blend of the two styles would be incorporating exposed surfaces and finishes into a modern living room interior. This could be a shelf made with exposed pipes, an accent wall in exposed concrete or beamed ceilings. 


Industrial Farmhouse Living Room

The warmth of a country-style farmhouse and the minimal look of the industrial style have many factors in common. These include materials used in their raw form, keeping things as natural as possible and creating an informal look. Wood is common to both these styles. An industrial farmhouse living room is a space that balances the minimal and raw look of industrial design with the warmth of a rustic aesthetic. This is achieved by using wood and earthy tones within the framework of a neutral palette. Adding greenery through indoor plants adds some colour and vibrancy to the space and an open layout and abundant light creates that engagement with the outdoors. An industrial farmhouse living room creates a casual and welcoming ambience as opposed to that of a formal living room.


Industrial Chic Living Room

There is a belief that an industrial interior design in living rooms may not work if the objective is to create a chic and sophisticated space. That is not the case. It is possible to use elements of the industrial style and create a sense of luxury. This is how most homeowners prefer a chic industrial living room, with elements of the unfinished balanced by elegance. Here, exposed materials such as brick and concrete are used as accents and pairing them with wood and metal. Layering with the right textures in a colour scheme that adheres to the industrial look in a living room also helps get this style. Incorporating indoor plants, artworks and accessories further enhances this chic industrial living room look.


FAQs about Industrial Interior Design for the Living Room

1. What is the modern industrial style?

The modern industrial style brings together elements of the mid-century modern aesthetic and the industrial style. This means a clutter-free space where the clean-lined simple furniture is more about function than form. This kind of style incorporates materials in their unfinished form and uses neutral colours. Natural light and an open layout are characteristics of this living room style. 

2. How do you make an industrial style room?

Your industrial interior design for the living room should have an open and uninterrupted layout. You should also ensure that your space receives abundant natural light. Opt for a neutral colour palette and bring in bright colour through smaller accents. Try and incorporate exposed materials like brick or concrete as wall decor. When picking furniture, choose simple designs and those made out of wood or metal. You can also leave your pipes exposed and install a wooden beamed false ceiling if you like.

3. How do you build a cosy industrial living room design?

Since this style emphasises natural materials and a monochromatic palette, opt for warm wooden furniture instead of metal. Choose grey tones to balance out the neutral palette. Warmer whites or beiges are a good idea. Personalising the space with your accessories, souvenirs, family photos and favourite pieces of art also works to create a cosy industrial living room. And most importantly, indoor plants are a great way to create an inviting space.

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