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How to include the top 8 summer interior design trends of 2022 into your homes

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Trends – of every kind – are cyclic; with each recurrence they are updated to suit the times. A lot of the interior design trends of 2022 see their genesis in past styles yet they beautifully fit into our modern homes and lives. With the changing seasons, quite a few summer interior design trends work to accentuate the beauty of this time within our homes yet they are also great ways to keep our homes looking cheery during the grey monsoons or cold winters. The following house interior design ideas are great ideas for summer interior décor that can also work year-round.

1. Curved contours are a big interior design trend of 2022

Reminiscent of the 70’s, soft curves and fluid contours have made quite a comeback. We saw a smattering of curves last year but 2022 home décor trends are really showcasing the beauty of curves. Adding curved furniture, décor, lighting or even architectural elements like arched doorways is a great way to soften the starkness that minimal décor can take on while giving any space a layer of visual comfort. It’s not just about circles and ovals, look for sculptural forms and fluid waves.

Soft curved furniture & fluid contours are coming back for the summer interior décor trends - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Next

Add various plants in your balcony to add greenery & fresh summer look to your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

2. Jungle greens make their way into summer interior décor

We talk about this so often that I feel like a broken record but plants are the easiest and most inexpensive way to uplift your home interior design. There really is nothing like summer blooms and lush greens to literally add life to your living spaces. Following the 2022 interior design trends for plants, the more the better. We’re not talking about just one or two, we mean Areca palms as tall as you are bringing life to an empty corner and potted cast iron plants flanking the console. Or floating shelves filled with ferns, snake plants, spider plants and creeping money plants. Fill your end tables with monsteras, bromeliads, fittonias and different kinds of ficus and dracaena plants. ZZ plants tolerate low light really well and are perfect for dark bathrooms. If your kitchens get the right lighting conditions, try starting a vertical herb garden or add a ton of potted plants to your balconies and outdoor spaces. From table top and potted floor plants, to hanging and railing planters to vertical gardens, the summer décor trend this year is about turning your home into an urban jungle.

3. Biophilic décor is a making waves as a 2022 interior design trend

Plants in interior décor is actually a part of a larger trend of biophilic design in both interiors and architecture. We’ve seen this trend gain traction for a few years now and it really is here to stay. Biophilia is essentially an innate desire and affinity of human beings with the natural world. Biophilic design seeks to emulate the natural world in our living surroundings and it helps a lot with well-being, reducing stress and overall physical, mental and emotional health. This wholesome trend works especially well for summer interior décor but is also great year-round.

Decorative mirrors & wooden storage for summer trends in 2022 - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Spacejoy/ unsplash

Seating arrangements for the chill & relax vibe for the terrace that is falling in trends for 2022 - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Plants are a great start but you can also mimic the natural world through objects, materials, textures, colours schemes, patterns and shapes. You are stimulating all the senses for example water features add auditory and visual connections while fragrant plants add olfactory, visual and tactile connections with nature. Add natural materials like cane, rattan, bamboo, light wood paired with summer textiles like linen, cotton and jute. Use a soothing, nature-inspired colour palette accentuated by natural contours like live-edge tables and organic shapes. Maximise your homes exposure to daylight soften by flowing sheers. Simulate the natural world through botanic prints and imagery of nature on your walls or furniture. Add river stones or pebbles to your urban garden or around water features.

4. Minimal gets a 2022 interior design trend update

The crisp-white, clutter-free minimal design style works wonders, especially in urban dwellings. However, the starkness of the almost reductive décor has taken a back seat for an updated version. Minimalist interior design in India has taken on a much warmer tone; a style that is great for summer house bedroom ideas or house interior design ideas in general. The monochromatic colour scheme is infused with a layering of earthy, muted and soothing colours. Natural materials and fabrics add textural layers to the clean, streamlined décor which is peppered with metallic accents. This kitchen is a perfect example. It features a clean, streamlined aesthetic that is predominantly white but uplifted by soothing grey. Adding visual interest are metallic door handles and glass door knobs along with the glass pendants.  Tying the look together is a textural runner that runs the length of the room.

All white minimal kitchen décor that is a stunning trend for design in summer 2022 - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Wee Spaces

With bold patterns & colors you can never go wrong in summers for your living spaces - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

5. Bring in the summer interior design trend of bold colours and prints

Summer is all about colour and the 2022 interior design trends are definitely loving it. This year we are seeing bold patterns and colours find their way into out living spaces. Patterns and prints that really emphasise colour contrasts are a big trend so use them on throw pillows, curtains, decorative objects or a wallpapered accent wall. Reupholstered one sofa or lounge chair in fun summer colours and prints to liven up the space. High-contrast rugs are another great way to incorporate this décor trend in your homes.

6. Get on the 2022 interior design trend of mixing materials, textures and styles

From layering different materials and textures to mixing a variety of shapes and styles, this interior design trend for 2022 is somewhat eclectic. This trend isn’t necessarily maximal in nature, rather it is about a balanced layering that doesn’t overwhelm the space. Polka dots with florals, geometric patterns with botanical ones, black and white with colours, wood with metal and cane, curves with boxes, vintage with modern, minimal with boho chic – it’s about taking a few elements that seemingly contrast and elegantly putting them together. It’s not a new trend and we’ve actually being doing some version of this for a while – the key is balance in the juxtaposition. Bring out that antique wood armchair 

Summer trends brings in mixing materials, textures & styles for your home interiors like a pro - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

– the vintage-inspired or distressed look is also quite on-trend at the moment – and have fun with a bold, striking pattern for the upholstery.

Comfy window seat with striking window detailing & seating nook with different styles, colors & materials - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ahmed Amir/ unsplash

This seating nook is a great example of this summer interior design trends.  There is a pairing of different styles, colours and materials yet the whole look is cohesive, elegant and pleasing to the eye. A comfy window seat with striking window detailing that casts an interesting shadow pairs beautifully with a vintage-inspired cane swing, a modern armchair and a simple, fabric ottoman. The upholstery is in shades of cream, beige, brown, grey and maroon with one botanical print throw cushion to create visual interest. All of this is set in a framework of polished concrete.

7. Home interior design shines with metallics

This summer interior design trend focuses on bringing out warm metallics to accentuate your home décor. A great summer house bedroom idea, metallic highlights or accents can enliven a muted space. You can go in for similar metals or even try mixing one or two warm metallics like bronze, copper, brass, gold or rose gold with cool-tones like stainless steel, gunmetal or silver. From lighting, décor pieces and wall accents to furniture details, door handles, knobs, accents on soft furnishings and a lot more, you can use metallic features in any room. Again, the key is using just a few pieces to highlight, not overwhelm the décor. Neutral colour schemes had their moment but now a big paint colour trend includes soothing shades of blue paired with burnt orange and muted browns.

Metallic highlights & accents can enliven a muted space in your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

Multipurpose use of spaces is a top notch for interior design trends in 2022 - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pixelcraft

8. Latest house design makes use of multipurpose spaces

While this is not strictly a summer house interior design trend, it is one that is quite universal. One can see a direct line between the pandemic and this trend – we were forced to stay at home so we had to figure out ways to make different spaces in our homes serve multiple purposes in the most aesthetic way possible. As a result, we really see the need for creating rooms that serves us in various ways – a living room that also has a reading nook, a bar that can also be used as a dining area, the bedroom that has a work station. Flexible spaces with multipurpose furniture is an interior design trend that has come out of the last two years and is probably here to stay for quite a while. 

If you are keen to try these 2022 interior design trends in your home and are looking for skilled guidance, the design experts at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints will definitely be able to bring your vision to life. They can guide you with house interior design ideas; you will get the benefit of a panel of expert designers along with a dedicated project manager to work out each step of the way for a fuss-free solution. You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online shop or retails stores in various cities for furniture, lighting and décor.

Wooden flooring & soft white colour combinations for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Minh Pham/ unsplash

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