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Today, we launch BH Shop, on beautifulhomes.com. If you are following us on social media, a subscriber to our channels, newsletters etc. then you’ve probably heard, and if you didn’t then allow us an introduction. On BH Shop you will find our unique vision board of how the contemporary Indian home should/could look. The collections of furniture and lighting on beautifulhomes.com embody an elegant modern Indian sensibility where well-designed products sit beautifully in rooms filled with colour and spirit. 

BH Shop is a curated destination that offers both lots of inspirational ideas and products to fulfil your homemaking dreams. We believe that colour is fundamental to the way we create our homes, so our products have been styled with that in mind. The Shop launches with exclusive ranges of furniture and lighting products brought to you directly from Asian Paints. From the contemporary designs of the Ador collection, to the classics-in-the-making pieces that are part of the Royale range, the designs encompass many different styles for every piece of furniture you need to create a beautiful home. There are sofas and chandeliers that are just perfect for urban spaces, furniture for kids that even the adults would love, plus lots more. The collections will keep increasing, as will the range of designs, but always keeping in mind that prices must be sensible because our designs are always democratic. You can read more about the range of furniture HERE

Living room with a blue sofa, a standing lamp, two side tables and a centre table

On BH Shop you will find our unique vision board of how the contemporary Indian home should/could look.

And when you’re looking for ideas to style the pieces, there’s plenty of inspiration to go along on the Magazine, while if you need help with the actual creation of your home then sign up for a consultation with Beautiful Homes Service HERE.

Four years ago when Asian Paints launched beautifulhomes.com as a content platform, the hope was to create a community of design lovers and present ideas, inspiration and advice. But this listening post offered us the opportunity to understand that homeowners also face immense challenges when it comes to actualising their dream spaces, and so Beautiful Homes Service was a response to that, and now the Shop is the final element in our aim to provide everything you need in your homemaking journey.


Ashish Sahi

Beautiful Homes Service: an end-to-end interior design solution

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