Contemporary Living Room Design

A living room that reflects the style and aesthetic that is current falls in the category of a contemporary space. A living room with this kind of design combines elegance with functionality and is the preferred choice in urban homes.

Modern contemporary living room interior designs for your modern home - Beautiful Homes

Modern Contemporary Living Room

Vibrant living room interior design with center table for your home - Beautiful Homes

Vibrant Contemporary Living Room

Monochrome contemporary living room interior design with sofa sets - Beautiful Homes

Monochrome Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary Living Room Interior Design

A contemporary living room is often defined as one that is minimal and functional, with sleek clean lines and barely there accessories. However, there is more to the meaning than just this. Contemporary design refers to the here and now, the styles that are prevalent in homes in the current scenario. Therefore, traditional or classic design styles that would have dominated decades ago would also have been considered contemporary at the time.

Currently, the term contemporary refers to the present-day context of design, where more and more homeowners are appreciating a minimal palette. There is a preference to go easy on accessories and keep things simple. Today’s contemporary living room is thus a product of this design phenomenon—expressing luxury through a simpler, more elegant look. A contemporary room design aesthetic is all about innovating and adding one’s own personality and taste to the prevalent design styles.

Given that the idea of a contemporary living room is broad and considers the current design context, there is greater freedom to design an interior that reflects this.

Essentials of a Contemporary Living Room

●    Depending on the individual tastes of homeowners, a contemporary living room interior can allow for neutral colour schemes or darker tones.
       Muted colours simply offer more choice when it comes to choosing contemporary living room furniture and decor.
●    Choosing furniture with clean lines is an important aspect of the contemporary living room design but that can be offset by smaller pieces
       that are more fluid and curved if they work well together. A straight-lined contemporary sofa for living room and a slightly rounded coffee
       table for instance might pair well.
●    When it comes to flooring, anything that enhances the sense of lightness is a good idea, such as light-coloured wooden flooring or white tiles
       or natural stone that’s in a lighter hue.
●    The contemporary living room light fixture should be a mix of recessed and cove lights, wall sconces and hanging lights. Opting for a touch of
       glamour in the form of metallic fixtures is also a good way to get a contemporary living room interior design.
●    For the fabrics used for upholstery and soft furnishings, a mix of small patterns and geometric prints or stripes and solid colours will help
       achieve a balanced look.

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All about Contemporary Living Room Interiors, Furniture, Decor and Colour Schemes

●    A contemporary living room interior design can be a mix of different styles within a decor that is simple and elegant. Clean lines, less clutter,
       bold accents in the form of art or carefully chosen accessories can all work in harmony if they complement each other.
●    Symmetric pieces with clean lines can be considered contemporary living room furniture. However, these can be paired with other pieces that
      are subtly rounded if they complement each other and the overall decor.
●    A monochromatic palette is quite popular when selecting colours suited for a contemporary living room interior. It provides more
      opportunities to experiment with bold shades when it comes to soft furnishings or artworks.
●    Contemporary colours do not necessarily mean only white, so homeowners planning a contemporary living room design should innovate with
      shades that work for them. However, it is never a good idea to have too many colours as that can be distracting.


Small Contemporary Living Room Ideas

●    In a small living room, the contemporary aesthetic can come through in the right kind of furniture, such as a statement piece like a sofa, which
      can be the centrepiece of the contemporary room design.
●    Other furniture should be reduced with only essential pieces. In this regard, multifunctional furniture plays a significant role, like a TV unit that
       also has shelf space.
●    Another alternative is mounting a floating open shelf in an interesting, geometric shape along one wall, which can hold showpieces and
●    For a compact contemporary living room design, a neutral colour combinations can make the space appear bigger.
●    Lighting fixtures in metal or glass can add in accents of style without overwhelming the space of your contemporary hall design.
●    Accessories should be carefully thought out—smaller pieces would work better than larger ones. Alternatively, a couple of large pieces might
      work if used in a restrained manner.

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Contemporary Drawing Room Designs FAQs

What is a contemporary living room?

A living room that has interiors that are timeless while still expressing the prevailing design trends can be called a contemporary living room. There is a tendency to mix contemporary with minimalism but there is more to it than that. It is about the here and now, incorporating what is current in design in our spaces. Depending on your personal preference and style, contemporary could be a complementary mix of traditional elements with modern, or minimalism with an ethnic touch.

How can I make my living room more contemporary?

Integrating current design trends into your space will ensure you get a contemporary-style living room. This can include light-coloured flooring, avoiding bulky furniture with too much ornamentation, using metallic touches or glass and opting for neutral colours with accents of bright and bold shades. The contemporary drawing room style advocates less of everything and a cleaner aesthetic.

What is the difference between a modern and contemporary home?

Modern and contemporary are often used synonymously. However, when it comes to design styles, both mean completely different things. Modern, in design language, actually means mid-century modernism. This refers to the aesthetic that was dominant in the 1950s and 1960s when there was an emphasis on clean lines, an uncluttered look, natural materials and simplicity. Contemporary, on the other hand, refers to what is in the now, that which is current. While there is an overlap between what the two styles broadly propagate—clean lines, less ornamentation—even classical and traditional styles could have been called contemporary when they were dominating the design world.

What does contemporary mean in furniture?

Pieces with straight, clean lines, less decorative elements and a sense of lightness rather than bulk is what can be classified as contemporary furniture. Such pieces are typically upholstered in muted tones and use small prints on natural fabrics.

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