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Brighten up your kitchen easily with these vibrant appliances

By Ela Das

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It’s a common sight in most contemporary homes these days to see minimal, pared down interiors with clean lines and light, muted colours. This style helps make spaces look bigger but, over time, you may begin to find your décor looking a little dull, needing a fresh burst of colour to bring in some vibrance. The kitchen design may not be the easiest room in the home to experiment with colour, but we found a simple solution to that. While you don’t have to completely renovate the space, you could swap out your appliances, fittings or moveable accessories for more vibrant alternatives. Here’s a handy list for inspiration!

The microwave is probably a kitchen appliance we reach to the most through the day. And it snugly sits in the kitchen without making any statement, unlike the refrigerator. So, if there’s one device you could choose for bringing in colour into the space, this would be it. Even if that colour is pink! We can’t stop eyeing this pastel rosy-hued one by Samsung that includes a Healthy Steam function to prepare nutritious food in a heat-resistant glass steamer that comes with it.
Price: Rs.10,990


mixer grinder

Yes, your mixer-grinder can have personality too! If there’s one device in the kitchen you’d like to buy in the exact shade of your favourite colour, this would be it. From a gorgeous tangerine one by Frontline and a rich red by Bosch to turquoise by Havells and bright neon by Maharaja—there’s a range of unconventional hues we are trying to choose between.
Price: Rs.3,759 for Frontline, Rs.3,045 for Bosch, Rs.2,848 for Havells and Rs.3,669 for Maharaja

Whether it’s placed on a desk, bedside table or kitchen counter—an electric kettle is a far more convenient option every time you need hot water to brew a cup of coffee or pot of tea. For a soothing pastel-hued accessory on the kitchen countertop, Havells’ double-walled kettle in aqua is the perfect powder blue that pairs well with any other colour.
Price: Rs.2,790

electric kettle


The cabinetry under the countertops and above it, is usually in the same shade and finish across the kitchen. If you’d like to break the monotony and make an eye-catching statement in the middle, choose a bright appliance to do the trick. This dusty vintage blue oven by KAFF also includes cool retro-style fittings such as an analog dial and antique-finish brass knobs and handles. Its large 60-litre cavity also makes it the perfect appliance for whipping up meals when hosting a large group of guests.
Price: Rs.64,990

However, if you’d like a smaller, movable oven to do the trick, try this juicy-red one by Brayden that’s perfect for grilling sandwiches, baking small cakes and muffins, or even making a pizza from scratch. You can also roast meats in it with the help of skewer rods that are included with the machine.
Price: Rs.2,299

grill oven


Nothing livens up a morning better than freshly toasted breads (or even croissants, if you’re feeling fancy), and a bright colourful toaster makes the start of the day even more cheerful. We can’t choose between this pop-up toaster in sea foam or the heritage-styled one in turquoise by Haden.
Price: Rs.2,095 for Philips and Rs.6,599 for Haden

It’s impossible to picture a kitchen in an Indian home without a pressure cooker. If you are, however, looking to switch to something more modern and less noisy, check out this electric version by Geek. Called the Robocook, this Goldilocks-sized nonstick pot includes five preset menus, an intelligent cooking system to manage temperature, heat, time, and pressure, and a simple knob to control it all. And it comes in the colour teal!
Price: Rs.5,099

electric pressure cooker

rice cooker

Contrary to its name, a rice cooker can do more than just cook rice…or other grains. From making breads and poaching fruit to stewing soups and boiling eggs—there’s a slew of tricks this appliance holds under its lid. This neatly designed apple green automatic rice cooker by Panasonic is functional and sturdy, and programmed with a cool set of features, such as keeping your food warm for up to five hours.
Price: Rs.2,375

In today’s wireless age, we should be questioning the practicality of a device having metres of cord or wire attached to it—especially with our kitchen appliances. These two electric whisks by SKYTONE and Glaceon are not only available in bright pastel shades but are also wireless with a convenient option to recharge via a USB port.
Price: Rs.849 for SKYTONE and Rs.1,499 dor Glaceon

electric whisk

stand mixer

If you jumped onto the banana bread or sourdough baking bandwagon at the start of the pandemic two years ago, you probably had your eye on a stand mixer at some point. Capable of more than just mixing and kneading dough, this device also comes handy for whipping, beating and combining just about every ingredient in the kitchen. If you want a bright pop of colour, try the Klara Highline by Hafale, which also includes handy attachments such as a 1.5-litre blender and vegetable slicer. For a more glamorous update at a humbler budget, try the champagne-toned Kratos by Inalsa.
Price: Rs.30,990 for Hafale and Rs.8,834 for Inalsa

Be your own at-home barista with a professional-grade coffee machine in the kitchen. While DeLonghi’s coffee machine brews a strong shot of espresso or frothy cappuccino in minutes, we’re also eyeing RHYDON’s Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker.
Price: Rs.22,600 for DeLonghi and Rs.4,500 for RHYDON

coffee machine

air fryer

There’s a running joke on the Internet about people who own air fryers snootily looking down at those who don’t. As elite as they may feel, there’s always a better-designed option than the usual glossy black appliance. Mellerware’s digital air fryer adds a bright happy colour to a room, and is available at a far more affordable price point.
Price: Rs.5,395

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