Acrylic Modular Kitchen

For homeowners who opt for modular kitchens for their homes, they have many alternatives to choose from and an acrylic modular kitchen is fast garnering interest.

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Acrylic Modular Kitchen Design

The popularity of modular kitchens lies in their versatility, apart from the convenience and ease of installation. The number of finishes and materials is another reason, and among the more interesting finishes is the acrylic modular kitchen. This long-lasting material is easy to colour so it offers greater options for homeowners. It is a visually appealing option with its glossy reflective surface and is functional as well, given its durability. 


What is an Acrylic Modular Kitchen? 


The acrylic modular kitchen design uses a synthetic plastic material that comprises at least one derivative of acrylic acid. While acrylic is available in the form of sheets, rods, tubes and even moulding powder, the modular kitchen uses acrylic sheets. These are pasted onto MDF or HDF boards. Sometimes, even plywood is used as the base on which it is pasted. The acrylic sheets can be less than 2mm thick, which is on the cheaper side, and more than 2mm thick, which are more expensive but of better quality. As a material, acrylic can be painted on, so a modular kitchen in acrylic has colour shades across the spectrum. This gives homeowners the option to select a shade based on their tastes and the style of their home. Their glossy surface is a great way to make small kitchens look bigger.


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The Benefits of an Acrylic Modular Kitchen Design


  • Acrylic is a hard and strong material, especially when the sheets that are more than 2mm thick, making them highly durable and long-lasting.
  • It has high aesthetic value with its glossy reflective surfaces, which gives a luxurious look to kitchens.
  • Acrylic is non-toxic plastic hence safe to use as a modular kitchen material.
  • It can be painted on so there are a wide variety of modular kitchen acrylic colours for homeowners to pick from.
  • A modular acrylic kitchen is scratch- and moisture-resistant to a large extent.
  • Another advantage of opting for a modular kitchen design in acrylic is that the colour does not fade so the kitchen looks fresh over a longer period.
  • Acrylic is also resistant to UV rays.


The Best Colour Combinations for an Acrylic Glass Modular Kitchen

An acrylic sheet can be coloured, so there is a wide choice for homeowners when it comes to the colour combinations that they can pick. The selection of modular kitchen acrylic colour shades depends on the space available for the kitchen and the overall aesthetic of a house. For instance, a U-shaped acrylic modular kitchen, which indicates a larger space, can use bright colours on the kitchen cabinetry. For a smaller or straight modular acrylic kitchen, lighter shades would work better. Some interesting colour combinations for a modular kitchen in acrylic would be bright yellow and dark grey (if the kitchen is spacious and receives enough natural light). For a smaller space, it is always a good idea to go with lighter shades, so a mint green for cabinets set against cream-coloured walls might be a good idea. The options are many and it all depends on the homeowner, the space and the aesthetic.


FAQs about Modular Kitchen in Acrylic

1. What is a modular acrylic kitchen?

A modular kitchen that is made of acrylic sheets pasted onto MDF or HDF is known as a modular kitchen with acrylic. This material is an artificially occurring synthetic plastic that comprises at least one derivative of acrylic acid. This is a non-toxic material and safe to use in modular kitchens.

2. What are the advantages of a modular kitchen with acrylic?

There are many advantages, including the aesthetic appeal thanks to their glossy, reflective surface. It is very long-lasting and since it can be coloured, you also have a variety of choices in terms of the colours of your acrylic modular kitchen design. Additionally, the colours don’t fade away easily. Acrylic is also scratch- and moisture-resistant as well. Another major benefit is that it is resistant to UV rays as well, so a good option for Indian kitchens

3. Is acrylic safe as a material?

Acrylic is a man-made synthetic plastic that is non-toxic. Hence it can be used as modular kitchen material. However, it is non-biodegradable and hence can affect the environment.

4. What is the acrylic modular design price?

This material is on the more expensive side. The acrylic modular kitchen design cost can vary depending on the amount of gloss you want, the square footage of your area and even the quality of the acrylic sheets. The acrylic modular kitchen cost for the sheets that are thicker than 2mm will be more when compared to the price of those that use acrylic sheets with less than 2mm thickness. If just the acrylic cabinets are concerned, then depending on the finish and the acrylic modular kitchen price for the cabinets is between Rs 800 and Rs 1,600 per square foot or more. If a glossy finish is needed for all the kitchen cabinets, then the price is Rs 2 lakh or more.

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