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7 interior design colour trends for 2022

By Ela Das

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Every season we see a range of trends across every industry from fashion and beauty to home design and technology. While some are fleeting, others bring us a step closer to discovering our true personal style. But what makes a trend? How does it evolve? Everything from behavioural patterns to aspirations for the future by a society at large sparks a trend.

This year’s trends for home colours address socio-cultural topics ranging from mental health, digital currency and work choices to breaking gender barriers in fashion and home décor. Here are seven of our top picks which we’re eyeing for every Indian home.


Encouraging us to start afresh, Transcendent Pink is Asian Paints’ Colour of the Year for 2022. A grey-hued purple with blue and red undertones, it quietly soothes and nudges us to move forward from the series of changes we’ve experienced over the past couple of years. Echoing an emotion of transition, the colour is meant to make us comfortable with embracing our challenges and imperfections, while not being bound by them.Transcendent Pink translates the power of transitioning—from the smallest of changes that could spark momentary joy to a complete renewal 

2022 colour of the year: Transcendent pink - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

that brings about a healthier, happier life—into our homes.

To complement it, there’s also a Wallpaper of the Year called Lotus and Stilts. With simple matchbox-style art, this vibrant yet calming wall covering illustrates a tranquil scenery on the Nal Sarovar lake. While migratory birds display their strength in embracing and adapting to the changing seasons every year, the lotus symbolises resilience with its power to bloom in the most unlikely places.

STYLE TIP: If you’re looking for a colour to give a room in the house a refreshing new look, this could be the best shade for any room. If you’re cautious about experimenting with it, you could try a single strip or panel across a wall for a small but quick change or paint the entire room for a complete makeover. The wallpaper works beautifully in any bedroom in a room, for every age. It can also be used to visually section a cosy nook in a corner, which will serve as the perfect backdrop for reading, meditating or sipping your favourite drink!

Pastel yellow home colour design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints


In possibly several conversations over the past couple of years, you must have heard discussions about NFTs, cryptocurrency and blockchains. While this new digital form of currency and investment is taking over our lives, we’ve recently witnessed it disrupting the power structure of the art world, where artists now have direct access to collectors. This element of freedom and creative liberation is captured in a transient colour palette called Artify that’s meant to explore and push the boundaries of creativity. With a dream-like charm, evoking a momentary escape

from reality, the yellow-mint shade Dollop heralds the start of a new dawn. It also works gorgeously in Indian homes, serving as a cool soothing hue during the harsh summers and pairing perfectly with our warm-toned furniture.

STYLE TIP: This versatile 2022 colour trend is the best shade for practically every room in a home or office. Our favourite space to see it would be in the kitchen or an outdoor area like the patio or balcony, where natural light will enhance it’s sunny undertones. It also works as an inspiring shade in a home office.


After two isolating years in the pandemic and its many long-drawn lockdowns, the world at large has been opening up to conversations and awareness surrounding mental and emotional health. For its colour trends for 2022, Asian Paints focussed on this positive change in society where there’s a collective feeling of empathy for one’s mental well-being, and it’s impact on a productive future. The interior design colours of 2022 are meant to move away from an air of pensiveness and vulnerability, focussing, instead, on our resilience towards being constant works-in-

Colour trends 2022 for pink bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

progress. The home décor colours for 2022 in this trend forecast are meant to be perfectly imperfect, with each colour having a strong story—much like every individual. Our most versatile is Pink Embrace, which urges us to become comfortable with the complexity of unpleasant thoughts and feelings.

STYLE TIP: The first space that comes to mind for this house colour paint design is, of course, the bedroom. Since this is the room most personal to us, where we’re left to our own thoughts and reflections at the end of the day, Pink Embrace will create a safe cocoon within these walls. Alternatively, you could also paint just a section in a room dedicated to the seating area or a desk space to create a tranquil retreat within the room.

Sea green home décor colors for 2022 - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints


The pandemic has also brought about a paradigm shift in employment, allowing individuals the autonomy of location, lifestyle and time, which they’d like to sustain in a post-pandemic world. This lifestyle choice has led to temporary or impromptu office set-ups, or other smart alternatives. Solo Commerce is a collection of trend colours that focus and celebrate this spirit of self motivation and disruptive flexibility. We love the quiet confidence that Pista Cream exudes in a room, representing the self-motivated zeal of solo entrepreneurs.

STYLE TIP: If you’re looking for home colour designs or palettes for a home office or study, this is the colour trend of 2022 to follow. Pista Cream works fluidly in a work space, but can also be used to paint a part of the bedroom or living room to section the area for a formal purpose.


With growing work flexibility, and a robust digital ecosystem that allows collaborative work to happen seamlessly, most of today’s work force either works from home or a remote location. The colour trends for 2022 and interior design colours for 2022 work this new lifestyle change into their colour palettes. Those who transitioned to working from home, self-employment or freelancing during the pandemic want to continue this lifestyle and stay away from full-time employment to preserve autonomy over their time and location even as the world starts to open up. A striking medallion-yellow shade called Inca Ruins immediately 

Home colour design for living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

caught our eye to echo this colour trend. In encapsulates the spirit of newfound power and freedom of a self-driven solo entrepreneur.

STYLE TIP: If you have a holiday home or second house outside the city, this is a perfect shade to consider to spruce up the place. It also works well if you’re living in a rental and want to give it a quick makeover without any invasive renovation work. Finding yourself spending more time with the family in the living room? Bring in a sense of warmth here with this sunny shade.

Red colour for room with abstract wall - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints


One of the trending colour palettes for 2022 by Asian Paints is We/Us, which is meant to spark a sense of adventure with bold shades that echo the spirit of liberated confidence. This stems from the growing awareness to question the need for gender stereotypes, from the colour to the silhouettes every conventional norm has previously dictated. In home décor, this conversation has quickly gained momentum over the past few years, where it now feels dated to stick to pink for a daughter’s nursery or use muted, neutral tones for a bachelor’s home. Instead, the colours one 

uses in their homes should reflect their own personality and style. We’re eyeing this home study that boasts one of the bolder colours from this palette—Moroccan Rose. While sensuous and flamboyant, we love how it’s painted across the walls in a space we’d least expect to see it!

EXPERT EYE: To bring out the boldness of a colour, pair it with another striking detail in the room. In this study, the intricate black-and-white flooring and multi-hued wallpaper Frida’s Garden breaks the monotony of a single solid colour.


Can’t decide on just one colour or don’t want to restrict yourself to a single hue for a room? Try pairing two shades from a similar family of colours or colour block two opposing hues in a single room. If you’re unsure about which colours to pair, have a look at Asian Paints’ trend report for the colours of 2022. Within each trend are a family of colours—similar as well as contrasting—that work fluidly against each other.

STYLE TIP: In this dining room, French Rose and Nautilus from the colour palette We/Us work perfectly together on adjacent walls to create a happy open room.

Pink and blue home colour paint design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

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